5 Surprising Facts of Las Vegas

Las Vegas Nevada

Everybody knows Las Vegas. Its controversial reputation of debauchery imaginable has earned its global fame, which also led to its nickname, “Sin City”.

Many from all over the world travel to Las Vegas. For the curious, this city can offer so much than being a hot spot for gambling and shopping. Its sophisticated culture, picture-perfect aesthetics, and tasty cuisines make the buzzing metropolis an even enjoyable destination to explore and experience. With the variety of crazy and unforgettable activities available for everyone, one can truly say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

Las Vegas may be a city that could sweep you off your feet with its unconventional beauty, but there are many things you haven’t known about it. Let’s get to know this Sin City with these surprising facts about its history and current state:

Fact 1: Las Vegas visitor volume in 2018 was 42,116,800

That’s almost the same number as Argentina’s population! Its visitor volume increased 7 times since 1970 with around 6,787,650. Imagine the huge number of visitors flocking on Sin City every year. This goes to show that Las Vegas continues to be one of the most interesting places to tour in the world.

Fact 2: Travel tour package costs per person on average was at $858.52

Many people think that Las Vegas is not a budget-friendly place to travel, but this fact debunks the myth. There are many ways to save while in Vegas, especially for pennywise travelers. But if you have plans on going on a shopping spree or betting on slot machines, then your vacation in Sin City can be pretty expensive.

Fact 3: Wins for overall gambling trends between September 2018 to February 2019 was at 1.57%

Well, it’s a game of luck after all. Who knows, you could be one of that 1.57% successful players.

Fact 4: Wins for slot machines between September 2018 to February 2019 was at 4.61%

But for more chances of winning, you could try playing with slot machines. Their success rates are 4 times higher than those table games. It’s also better for those who want to try their luck without the mind games of studying their opponents or learning to play.

Fact 5: Job growth in Las Vegas was 3.5% as of March 2019, higher than the US national average of 1.6%

Maybe you’re moving to Las Vegas for good. Maybe you’re thinking about starting a new life. Maybe you’re traveling for fun and have realized you want to stay longer in Sin City. Whatever your reason is, it’s good to know that Las Vegas is a fertile ground for employment! You can find a good job and support yourself in this busy and enchanting metropolis.

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Sin City’s Economic Highlights in 2019

Despite its controversial reputation across the globe, Las Vegas has been a famous destination for tourists, workers, and migrants. Maybe it’s because of the city’s charming spells, vibrant history, or ridiculous levels of debauchery that it became as popular as it is.

Other than their notorious label for gambling, Sin City is committed to offering something better for its people. Those who are planning to enter Las Vegas’ economy needs to know about some important figures to help you decide if it’s worth giving the shot. If your market will prevail in this hotshot of a landmark, or end up saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

Whether you have plans of working and migrating in Las Vegas, below are some Las Vegas economy statistics highlights you need to know:

  • 3.5% job growth
  • 39.9% forecasted future job growth
  • $27,650 average income per capita
  • $53,159 average household income

These figures may be lower and higher compared to other places. Las Vegas is known for so many things but being the top destination for people seeking economic prosperity.

Working and living in Las Vegas is suitable for most. You can thrive well, depending on your lifestyle. It may give you a competitive economic advantage, but it could never beat US’ top economic states like Washington and Utah.